Rising stars


Foggy is a 2 year old Collie/kelpie. He is chilled at home but turns into a crazed thing when out. He has the potential to be a great flyball dog once we get his chase under control.

He has done several PC's and is just moving on to little league.


Doug is a 4 year old collie/spaniel, he a friendly boy that gets on with his team mates.

At home Doug likes walks and chasing his pullers.

Doug will be hitting the lanes in little league soon.


At just 9 months, Cassie is the baby of the team.

Cassie loves cuddles, tennis balls and her tug toy.

Her foundations are going well, look out for her in PC later in the year.


Echo is a 5 year old German Short-haired Pointer who loves to run and Jump.

As well as flyball and agility he enjoys chasing across beaches, swimming  in the sea and dashing through woods.

When he's not being an action dog he loves cuddling with his Pointer brother or snoozing in the garden.

Echo also regularly gives blood!

Echo is currently working in Pre Cadets.


Copper is a young Jack Russel cross who is showing great potential.

He gets to play in the ring at PC this year and we hope he may make his liitl league debut towards the end of the year.


Toby is an 8 year old cocker spaniel.

He loves flyball and barking!

When he's not doing those he loves his cuddly toys and has a large collection of them!

He loves any type of walk, better off lead than on and is a very loving dog.

Toby is currently working in Pre Cadet.


Merlin (Baby Red) is an 20 month old collie/kelpie who is only a few months into starting his flyball journey.

He likes nothing more than to run fast, has a minor (major) obsession with tennis balls and he loves to sing the song of his people while waiting impatiently for his turn!

He needs to learn to control his legs but is progressing well.


Ellie is a 10 month old parsons Jack Russell and our youngest dog, shes just getting started in her flyball career. Her favourite things include her raggy, rolling in things that the shouldn’t and hassling the cat. 

Bob 2.0

Bob 2.0 is a 1 year old Border Collie. He may eventually grow into his ears.

Totally bonkers and ball obsessed