We did it! 15/4/24

Just shy of a year old, we debuted a league team. Mouse, Holly, Vader, Zarko and Charlie, They rocked it and we now have a shiny seed time of 18.92.

We have had a crazy couple of weeks which also saw Daisy and  Echo debut in Little League singles, they both did amazing and both got a ribbon.

Foggy posted a new time of 4.01, making him our 1st sub 4

dog (3.91 l2l)

Now for a few weeks off before we debut some more dogs next month.

Working hard 10/2/24

Almost 10 months to the day after setting up our little team, we headed up to Newark to run our 1st league team.

It nearly didnt happen when 1 dog went lame and 1 had an unexplained allergy. However thanks to syncing with another team, we raced in league (Harper from Conwy, Holly, Vader and Zarko were awesome) I had so missed the buzz of lreague racing. We have now wrapped the dogs up ahead of our next comp in April, where we hope to set our very 1st seed time.

Working hard 12/10

We have now got a fab core group of people, several dogs have experienced a comp enviroment through PC and a couple have had their 1st little league. 

We have lots to work on over winter, as long as the weather plays ball!

Everything is on track to debut a league team in February.

New beginnings 26/8

A year ago we had 4 people and 8 dogs, we were struggling to get people involved.

Things happen and we really promoted ourselves and we were lucky to have a few amazing people join and run with us.

Since we relaunched in April we now have 18 dogs and 14 people!! WOW!  I never dreamed we would be considering 2 evenings training in2024.

2024 is going to be excited, we will debut 1, maybe 2 league teams....did i just say that.....2 league teams! The future is exciting.