Vader is a 9 year old Border Collie, He is affectionatly known as Daft Vader....very easily distacted. His favorite thing is cuddles, he'd happily cuddle all day.

He won his division at the UKFL champs 3 years running, twice in league and once in pairs.

After missing this years champs, we're hoping for great things next year.


Mouse is a 7 year old Australian Kelpie, she is a gobby, crazy, whirlwind who likes nothing more than running fast. Flyball is perfect, she has a PB of 4.05 despite having a shocking box turn.


Zarko is a 3 year old Working Cocker Spaniel. He is a typical busy wocker and turns into a crazed thing at flyball.

At home he is a real mummys boy, never far from his mums side.

He is a 9 inch height dog and has a PB of 4,14


Holly is a 4 year old collie and is our pocket rocket. She adores  flyball and lives to race. You'll often hear her at competitions as she has her 'Holly hoo'. When she isn't racing Holly loves to round up her chickens and keep them under control.


Finn is a 7 year old mixed breed with a good dose of greyhound.

Despite slowing down a bit he still loves his flyball as wellas chasing a ball, playing tug of war and swimming in the pond.


Charlie is a 4 year old spaniel who absolutely loves the outdoors. He can't control his excitement in the flyball lanes and came 3rd in open singles at the UKFL champs 2023.

Charlie is also a blood donor and often goes to work helping veterinary students learn how to handle and care for dogs.